What does a woman’s urologist do?

A woman’s urologist methodically evaluate and diagnose a woman’s urinary tract problems by utilising tests such as image guided urodynamics. (link to urodynamics page)

A woman’s urologist treat issues with:

* Urinary leakage – link to SUI page

* Frequency and urgency – link to OAB page

* Voiding – link to voiding dysfunction page

* Prolapse – link to POP page

* Infections – link to rUTIs page

* Pain – link to PBS/IC page

* Nervous system problems affecting the urinary tract – link to neurogenic bladder page

* Complications arising from previous surgeries affecting the urinary tract – link to mesh and fistula page

* Other problems affect the urinary tract such as bleeding, stones, and cancers – link to general urology page, which can describe what a general urologist’s expertise is (not sure if you all want this?? If so, I’m happy to develop a draft document)

A woman’s urologist works to enhance patients’ overall well-being, so that they can rapidly return to the activities they love.